About me
I studied Biology and marine Ecology at the Faculty of Sciences of Luminy in Marseille and at the International University of the Sea in Cagnes in the early 2000's. After embarking on a ten months mission for sea turtle conservation on the Greek Island of Kefalonia,  I then worked for various conservationist associations all over the South East of France. Self-taught naturalist, I began photographing underwater life in 2004 when I started out my occupation. First motivated simply to document nature - marine life in particular - I soon realized pictures might have an impact where the raising of environmental consciousness was concerned.
I now live near Saint-Tropez,and work on the waters and seacost of the Marine Protected Area "Golfe de Saint-Tropez", mixing art and science in my photographic style. Through landscape, macro, astro and underwater photography, my pictures try to rise public awareness on the Mediterranean ecosystem and the natural riches figured therein.
Lately, I've been obsessed with the night sky. Bringing attention to the impacts of light pollution is now one of my main goals as a nature photographer.